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IMAGINE Clinic In-Person Volunteer Application – Deadline March 27, 2023.

Clinic Volunteers IMAGINE is an interprofessional, student-run community health initiative aimed at promoting and providing free health care in downtown Toronto. This often includes those who may be unhoused, experience mental health conditions, have precarious immigration status, or new immigrants not covered by OHIP. This is an opportunity to gain valuable experience for working in your community with an interprofessional team of preceptors and students and for developing your leadership and teamwork skills.

We are currently recruiting clinic volunteers for Summer 2023! As part of the Interprofessional Education (IPE) program, clinic volunteers are eligible for 2 Immersion credits upon completion of three clinic shifts, and one group reflection session.

Application: For more information, visit

PLEASE NOTE: IMAGINE Clinic is held in-person at Central Toronto Community Health Centre (CTCHC, 168 Bathurst St., Toronto). General orientation and reflection sessions will remain online, but may be subject to change.

PLEASE NOTE: Since our clinic operation relies solely on the commitment of our volunteers, attendance at all 3 clinic shifts and the reflection session is mandatory in order for us to continue to provide accessible and equitable patient care. You will also receive two Immersion IPE credits for completion of the requirements.

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